Bundle Up! Jam Jam Sleepwear by Love Notions

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Pattern Revolution’s Bundle Up! Sale is happening once again, and this time it is all for girls! A little disclosure, right up front. I was given the following pattern for free as part of the blog tour. That’s a pretty standard exchange. However, all opinions, and adorable children, within this blog post are mine! Now let’s get in to it.

DSC_0786 edit2

I really like Love Notions. I’ve made a few Love Notions patterns for myself, and while I have a handful of the children’s patterns in my collection, this is my first time sewing a Love Notions children’s pattern. The Jam Jam Sleepwear Collection doesn’t disappoint. Just look how adorable it is!

DSC_0780 edit

The Jam Jam Sleepwear Collection is for girls sized 2T-14. It has two options for bottoms – capris or shorts. Both have the sweetest curved ruffle hem, and you can add a faux drawstring to the waist if you’d like. I did find the capris to be a bit long for my personal liking. I also didn’t have any of my girls at home when I made them (yay for sleepovers with the cousins), so I didn’t alter the length at all. BUT, included within the pattern is a chart that contains inseam measurements (not including ruffle) for the shorts and capris. Had my girls been home, I would have been able to measure their inseams, and shortened as needed. Thank you, Tami, for adding these measurements, they’re so handy to have. It kind of all worked out though. I had originally made this little set with River, who just turned 4 last week, in mind. My 2 year old, Elle, has the same body measurements as River – although River is a touch taller. The capris work as perfect little pants for Elle. I just noticed her boots are on the wrong feet…. Oh well, she put them on herself. Yay for independence.

DSC_0822 edit2

My absolute favorite part of this pattern is the top, which features cute cap sleeves, fun shirt tail hem, and the best part – the yoke! All the dresses my late Bobo (Grandma) made for herself had yokes, with the body of the dress gathered to the yoke. And what does this top have? An adorable yoke with the front and back pieces gathered to it. Ah! It makes me think of my dear Bobo – the person who inspired me to sew. I just love it! Oh! OH! The other awesome part about the yoke – PERFECT stash buster. It takes hardly any fabric. I have tons of little pieces of knit laying about. The piece I used for this little set was basically big enough for the yoke and the little faux drawstring, which I had to shorten a bit to use this fabric.

DSC_0781 edit

One more awesome feature about the pattern as a whole, which bears mentioning – the layer function. Who is the genius that thought of the layer function? You sir, or madam, deserve a round of applause! I love any way to save ink! Tami has also included a handy little print chart, which you can quickly refer to, and print only the pages you need. THANK YOU! I love the layer. I love the print chart. I love saving ink. I love having as few pages to print as possible. There’s a lot of love going on in this paragraph. Let’s get on to something not so lovey-dovey. Kindergartener harassment! I’m not joking.

DSC_0768 edit

The cute ruffled bottoms. The adorable little top. They all combine to make a perfectly sweet loungewear set. UNFORTUNATELY – I only made one set and I have three girls, as previously mentioned. FORTUNATELY – two of those girls are the same size, so they can share. UNFORTUNATELY -I wasn’t smart enough to make one for my kindergartener first, and she is the most vocal one out of all of them when it comes to being missed. It is kindergartener harassment central up in here. “Mom, I don’t even have any jammies. Not any. None. I have nothing to sleep in.” Time to go through my knit scrap bin and find the perfect little piece for that adorable little yoke for that stubborn, not like here Mom at all, lovely kindergartener!

DSC_0814 edit2

OH! If you still aren’t convinced, check out the blog post the Shaffer Sisters did as part of the tour. They figured out all of the math for the bundle. Go see how it all adds up. Also, click on the images below. One will take you to the tour schedule, so you can check out the rest of the blogs. One will take you to a GIVEAWAY! And one will take you directly to the sale site. Bam! Links everywhere, yo! I might have drank a cherry Dr Pepper while writing this…. Sorry for the overly hyper tone! And the excessive use of the exclamation mark. It’s my favorite punctuation, followed closely by the comma. Now, go Bundle UP! Hurry. The sale ends February 2nd.





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Doctor Who CraftingCon – Break Down

CraftingCon‘s theme this month is Doctor Who – and I’m a competitor! Huzzah! I was remiss in mentioning what patterns and designs I used in that post. So, here’s a break down. Prepare yourself for link overload! Everything linked should take you somewhere different – facebook pages, designer website, craftsy, you name it, I tried to link it. Please note that most patterns were altered – normally adding or subtracting length to various parts of the pattern. Keep that in mind! Most of the pictures are in progress shots, you can even see where I hadn’t yet removed some stabilizer, head on over to CraftingCon to check out the final version.

OTIUMCyberman and Bow(tie)s Are Cool shirts
For these two shirts I used Sofilantjes (<–facebook page link) Otium Girls pattern. I used the plain version of the pattern for the cyberman shirt, and the bow back version for the 11th Doctor “bowties are cool” shirt. You can find the pattern on Sofilantjes website. Sofilantjes (<–facebook group link)also offers a women’s version of this pattern.
Cyberman design
For the cyberman applique on the shirt, I actually used Gracefully Geeky‘s Cyberman Mask. I skipped a few steps of the stitch out to make it work, but I think it turned out rather nicely. Gracefully Geeky (<–facebook page link) also offers a variety of other Doctor Who themed masksDalek, 10th Doctor, 11th Doctor, K-9, you can also buy them all as a bundle. Gracefully Geeky (<–facebook group link)has plenty more Doctor Who themed goodies – there’s also finger puppets. That’s right, finger puppets. These designs are all to be used with an embroidery machine.
Bow hair clip
The bow clip that I made to go with the “bowties are cool” shirt is another one for the machine embroidery crowd. I used one of Bobbin For Appliques (<–facebook page link) felt bow designs to make it. It’s a pretty straightforward quick little make. Bobbin For Appliques (<–facebook group link) has a ton of cool embroidery machine designs – see: WINGS!

SLEEPYKIWISAre You My Mummy and Gallifreyn I Love You shirts
Both of these shirts that I made for Jackson were done using the top from LittleKiwisCloset‘s (<–facebook page link) Sleepy Kiwis Nightwear pattern.  I think this pattern might have been the only one I didn’t alter in anyway. Maybe… Oh! I was one of LittleKiwisCloset‘s (<–facebook group link) testers for this pattern, so I actually used the tester pattern pieces since they were handy in my sewing room still.
Are You My Mummy design
This is another machine embroidery design. This time from Applique Geek (<–facebook page link). Are You My Mummy is not the only Doctor Who inspired design offered by Applique Geek (<–facebook group link). There is also the….
Gallifreyan I Love You design
I Love You in Gallifreyan design. This design comes with two different versions. An applique version and a bean stitch version, which is what I used on Jack’s shirt.

RIVALRAGLANHello, Sweetie shirt
For this shirt I used GYCT‘s (<–facebook page link) Rival Raglan pattern. This was my first time sewing up this pattern by GYCT (<–facebook group link). It’s part of my New Year’s Resolution to use pattern already in my collection.  One pattern down, a million more to go!
Hello, Sweetie design
This is another of design by Applique Geek. I did alter the Hello, Sweetie design slightly, by opting to not stitch out the high heel. I don’t know if you can really tell, but I used red metallic thread for this design.

SEENA Allons-y!, Bad Wolf, and Adipose shirts
These shirts were all done using Gracious Threads (<–facebook page link) Seena Dolman Top. Also a first time make with this pattern. That’s 2 patterns down, a million -1 to go! This is also the first time I’ve made one of Gracious Threads (<–facebook group link) patterns, which is really too bad since she is a local to me designer. There is also a women’s version of this pattern available.
Allons-y! design
This design brings my Applique Geek design count up to four! I should have used a different colored thread for the words on the shirt. Next time.
Bad Wolf design
Matte fabric paint and a sponge brush. I was trying to go for a spray painted look. I don’t really think I succeed, but I don’t think I would have gotten a better effect with machine embroidery either.
Adipose design
The adipose design on Elle’s shirt is another of Gracefully Geeky‘s. It’s actually the adipose feltie design. I also made Elle a stuffed adipose, who she lovingly calls Baby Adi. The stuffy is also done with an embroidery machine, and is another of Gracefully Geeky’s. It comes in a few different sizes, Elle’s is the smallest. You can find more adipose in Gracefully Geeky‘s Doctor Who finger puppet set and busy bag set.

They aren’t the center of focus for my CraftingCon entry, but I did make each of my girls leggings to go with their shirts. The pattern I used is by Jennuine Designs (<–facebook page link), and is currently in testing. There are two different styles being offered in this pattern – basic and dressage (think equestrian riding pants). The ones pictured above aren’t the ones I made for my entry, but they show off the two different styles better. You’ll have to stalk Jennuine Designs (<–facebook group link) for the pattern release.

PHEW! Lots of links for you!!!

And here’s just a few more since I linked everyone else up on Facebook.
CraftingCon group
CraftingCon page
Friends Stitched Together
Mae and K

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Origami Tunic


Yeah self-care sewing! I’m actually on a self-care sewing roll. I’ve made four patterns for myself, and have a fifth taped together. This week is an anomaly – I never sew for myself.


I had the opportunity to test the Origami Tunic & Cardigan for Ladies by Love Notions.


I LOVE IT!!! Tami is excellent to test for. I think the pattern went through at least five revisions because Tami wanted to get it perfect before it went out.


Just as a heads up, I opted to cuff my sleeves. It isn’t in the pattern. I just wanted them to match my neckline.


The Pattern: On Love Notion’s website
Sizes: XS (30-33″ bust) to XXL (46-48″ bust)
Options: Tunic or cardigan. Short, 3/4, or long sleeve. Banded or cowl neckline. Handkerchief or straight hemline.
Skill level: Confident beginner
Facebook: Love Notions fan page. Love Notions group.
SALE: For a limited time, the pattern is marked down to $7 from $8.95.
Other: Head to Love Notion’s website and sign up for the newsletter. You’ll receive a free pattern (The Dashing Vest), and find out about sales first. Now’s a good time to sign up with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on the horizon.

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Peekaboo Pockets!!

I had the opportunity to test again for Little Kiwi’s Closet. I believe this is my third test for Lydia. I’ve previously tested the Beachcomber Pinny and the Street Smart Sweatshirt Collection. This time around I helped test the Peekaboopocket Mix & Match Outerwear Top.


IMG_6013.JPG I did not force her to shovel snow.

I whipped up the hooded pullover version for Danica with a reach through pocket. Yes, whipped. It’s super fast. I made Danica a size 4, according to the size chart. I accidentally stretched the sweater when attaching the hem band. You can see. Silly mistake.


IMG_6106.JPG Cutest sneeze ever!

Next, I was avoiding going to the store to get a zipper for Elle’s, so I whipped up another hooded pullover. I made this one out of an old hoodie of mine. Instead of using the patterns hood, I used the sweaters existing hood. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough ribbing in the sweater to bind the armholes, so I had to turn them under. This one has the small pockets. I made the size 4 again. But River claimed it as her own. She’s a waif of a thing, and is actually in an 18 month according to the size chart. It’s big on her, but she loves it, so she can keep it.


IMG_6398.JPG These were taken on her birthday. Cutest birthday girl ever!

Next, I made Elle a zippered, collared, kangaroo pocket, size 18 month. The pink fabric was the devil. It kept shedding while I was working with it. The zipper isn’t hard at all, and actually isn’t why I was avoiding going to the store. I just don’t like taking four kids to the fabric store. Even more so when it is snowy out. I swear my pockets were lined up. My machine had a major meltdown hissy fit, and I think in all the chaos of rearranging my desk to use my back up machine, that the pockets for shifted about.

The Pattern: Craftsy. Etsy.
Sizes: newborn to 12
Options: Reach through, small, and kangaroo pockets. Snaps, zipper, or pullover. Hood or collar. Sleeves or sleeveless vest.
Other: Pattern is fully illustrated! 31 of tutorial, 28 pages of pattern.
Skill level: Confident beginner
Facebook: Fan Page. Group.
SALE: For the next 24 hours the price has been marked down 20% on Craftsy.

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I really wish at least one of my children was a ginger so I could have come up with some witty commentary here. P.S there’s a giveaway link at the end of this post.

About a month ago I had the opportunity to test the Gingersnap Dress and Tunic pattern by MCM Studio Designs. The dress is a loose fitting, kimono style A-line, with 3/4 length sleeves. The size range is 2T-6. This is Linda’s second pattern, and I think it’s one people will like. It’s also a part of Pattern Revolutions Aspiring Designer Series. Let me break down the awesomeness for you.


The size chart provides measurements for weight, chest, and height. Also included are instructions on how to measure your child’s height and chest. Elle falls within the size 2 range for all measurements except her chest, which is only about 1/2″ smaller than the one listed for size 2. River is tiny for a nearly four year old. She falls within the size 2 range as well, except for her height which puts her in a size 3. Fortunately, there is also a chart with finished measurements, which includes number for chest, tunic length and dress length. That’s a helpful chart to have when you have a skinny, tall daughter.

IMG_3340.JPG This is the exact same dress on River.

I tested the size 2, and decided to try it on all the girls. As I previously mentioned, River is taller than the size 2 range. As you can see in the picture, it’s obviously short on her. But, if I was making this dress for River, I could have looked at the finished measurements chart and known that a size 3 length and a size 2 width would have been best for her. That chart is handy for customizing your fit.

IMG_3460.JPG Yup. Same dress on Danica too.

Linda provides clear printing and assembly instructions. She includes a layout guide for taping together the pages. She even lists what page the test square is on. I love it when designers do that. I don’t like printing all my pages just to find they’re off, or having to browse through all the pages to find the right one to print first. It’s a helpful thing to note.

A note on pattern test squares. Let’s say you print your pattern out and the 1″ square is actually measuring 7/8″ instead. You might think, “oh it’s only 1/8″ off, that’s not a big deal.” Yes. Yes it is. Your inch is short 1/8″ which means every inch is short that much. So, if you have a piece that is suppose to be 10″ wide. Every inch of that 10″ is short that much. Which makes for a 1 1/4″ difference between what you should have and what you’ve printed. Your 10″ is now down to 8 3/4″ which is going to cause some fit issue. ALWAYS check your test square, and make sure it is right.


Let’s break down the above screen shot of the pattern. A few different methods on finishing seams are mentioned, with a reference to the blog for tutorials on these techniques. I believe the link is clickable, but I find most don’t work when mobile. And, I confess to being lame and not trying to click on it while I was on my computer. Seam allowance is clearly noted. Excellent. I hate searching for that. There’s a clear guide for what is the right side and wrong side of the fabric. You see this in commercial paper patterns. I think it’s something handy to include when line drawings are used in patterns. I’m leaning more and more towards line drawings lately. That’s the next thing I was going to mention. The pattern is done with line drawings.


One more screenshot I want to show you. I think the writing and technique is really intelligent. Thank you for telling me which way to press my seams. Hell, thank you for remembering to tell me to press my seams in the first place. I’ve noticed that pressing seams is hardly mentioned in a lot of patterns. I always do it. It’s force of habit. It’s how I was taught. I don’t need it in the instructions, but it should be there. Not shown in this screen shot, but mentioned throughout is the direction to press your seams – she evens says which way to press if you are using a serger! Because you can’t press serged seams open. I don’t know if I’ve seen a pattern mention which direction to press your serged seams. At least, another example isn’t coming to mind at the moment.

For you Imperial users, you’re in luck, measurements in all charts, and thought the pattern are done in imperials for you. For those of you on the Metric system (like myself* here in Canada), you’re in luck too, because everything is in metric as well. Awesome!

*While I do live in Canada, and we are on the Metric system, when I sew, I’m all Imperial.

Like I said, I think people are going to like this pattern, it’s really well thought out with clear instructions. It’s on sale through Sunday, November 16 for only $4! You can also enter today’s giveaway over on Pattern Revolution for your chance to win a copy.

Ready for a million links? Let’s do this thing!

You can find the pattern on Etsy, Craftsy, DIY Crush, and MCM Studio Designs shop. Remember, it’s on sale for $4 right now.

Head on over to Facebook and like MCM Studio Designs. You can also like Pattern Revolution and DIY Crush while you’re at it. And join Pattern Revolution’s group.

Go and check out Linda’s blog, The Merry Church Mouse.

Phew. Lots of links, but we made it through. Go grab your copy, and keep an eye out for things to come from MCM Studio Designs. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



While this dress was made for Elle, I haven’t done much sewing for River lately. I think she was feeling a bit left out. She was the best little model and styles herself. Yup. Boots. Little purse. Ponytail. All her styling. She picked the purse because the button on it matches the one on the dress.

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Iceblink and Helios

I tested two different patterns for Golden Rippy at the same time about a month ago.





The Iceblink is designed for woven fabrics. It features short sleeves with bow epaulettes, hi-low hemline, exposed zipper (or partially exposed), and a loose fit in the waist and hips.


You can find the Iceblink on Craftsy, and on Golden Rippy’s website.




The Helios is part of One Thimble‘s fifth edition, which releases on November 14.

You can like Golden Rippy’s fan page, and join the sewing group on Facebook. You can also like One Thimble on Facebook.

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Guys, I’m just lame at blogging when I’m caught up sewing. Sewing is way more fun than blogging.

Speaking of sewing…. When am I not speaking of sewing? Speaking of sewing. Do you know how many pattern tests I’ve done this year? I’m finishing 43, in the process of 44, and 45 is starting up in a day or two. Think I can squish five more into this year? And get Christmas sewing done? We’ll see. It’s my own little goal.

And speaking of pattern testing. Here’s one I tests about a month ago for Made By Jack’s Mum. If you’ve seen the Harry Potter footed pjs I made for Jackson, this is the same designer. The Eclipse T-Shirt and Dress is the first pattern I tested for Sarah of MBJM.


Unfortunately, I don’t really have many pictures of Jackson in it. Because, I hate it. Not the pattern. I hate the colour combination I used. I liked it when I was cutting the fabric out. I hated it as soon as it was put together.

The pattern is just fine though. And loaded with options. There are three different necklines – round (like above), envelope (see below), and hooded. There’s three different sleeve options – long, short, and gathered (think: puffy sleeve). There’s also a shirt length and a dress length.


The envelope top is actually the same top included in the Starry Night Pjs. Except the envelope top has a few different options in the Starry Night pattern that are not included in the Eclipse pattern. Like the cuffed sleeves, and banded hem. The size range is also larger for the Eclipse than the Starry Night – ranging from preemie to age 8, instead of age 4.


Pattern: Made by Jack’s Mum(MBJM) – Eclipse T-Shirt and Dress. Etsy. Craftsy. MBJM’s website.
Sizes: Prem./Small Newborn – Age 8
Options: Round, envelope, hooded neckline. Long, short, gathered sleeve. Top or dress length.
Facebook: Fan Page. Group. Group for potential pattern testers.

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You’re A Wizard, Jackson.


Bam! Check that adorable baby out!!



This is what I was working on in this post. You can find the awesome stencil, by Heidi Schulz, here.





He’s so cute. I can’t even stand it.

Pattern: Made by Jack’s Mum (MBJM) – Starry Night PJs
Sizes: Prem./Small Newborn – Age 4
Options: Two different pant fit options (fluffy fit for cloth diapers, and trim fit for disposables/undies). Instructions for putting elastic all the way around the ankle, just at the back, or no elastic at all.
Facebook: Fan Page. Group. Group for potential pattern testers.
DISCOUNT CODE: toinfinity for 30% off ALL of MBJM’s patterns on etsy. Good until end of day on Sunday. But Sarah is in a different time zone than I am, so it’s end of her day. Which I think is the beginning of my Sunday?

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Sneak Peek

I’m currently testing a pyjama set that should be released by the end of the week. I can’t share yet, but here’s a little sneak peek.



The set is for Jackson. I did some freezer paper stencilling on the top and one of the footies. My first time doing a freezer paper stencil. It isn’t 100% perfect, but I think it’s pretty good for a first attempt.

I free handed the deathly hallows on a scrap of paper and then retraced onto freezer paper. I was originally going to do it with the hallow black, instead of it being the fabric. But those little pieces were not ironing down in the right place for me. So I switched my idea up slightly. My husband says it looks like the deathly hallows still. So, it’s all good.

I found the glasses and scar stencil by searching on Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest. Here’s the original source of the stencil. That link also contains the tutorial on how to use the stencil. I didn’t use acrylic paint for mine. I have fabric puffy paint, and applied it with a sponge brush.

I’m thinking….. I want to stencil all the things. Can’t wait to show you the finished pjs.

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Halloween costumes are done. Huzzah!!


RED RIDING HOOD with a BIG BAD WOLF twist for Danica.
Danica wore this to her kindergarten Halloween party at school today. I was worried that she’d get her costume dirty and have a break down when she got home. I decided to take the proactive approach and just made her a second costume to wear to the party. There’s some serious twirl factor in this little costume.

Mask – 6×10 hoop – design by Gracefully Geeky. It’s actually the raccoon mask, but….. She doesn’t need to know that. I used felt from the dollar store. Nothing fancy. Especially since I’d never made mask before this Halloween sewing. For the backing against her face, I used a piece of foam.

Hair elastic – 9″ piece of fold over elastic. Tie in a knot at the end, and seal the edges, so they don’t fray. I use a lighter. I actually cut her a second one this morning and braided her hair. ADORABLE!

Dress – modified Briar Rose pattern by Made For Mermaids. The Briar arose has a “v” shape at the bottom of the bodice, and that shape is cut out of the skirt too. I just opted to eliminate this. I also didn’t put the ribbon across the front of the bodice. My skirt is cut the width of the fabric for the front and for the back. I used my ruffler foot to gather the skirt all up. It’s a super full skirt, and super soft. The fabric has a bit of stretch to it, which isn’t called for in the pattern. I just wanted to use this fabric. I also made the skirt a bit longer than the size I made her calls for. This was my first time using a Made for Mermaids pattern. The only squabble I have with it is that the instructions have you do the elastic casing in the flat and then sew up the side seams. I honestly don’t think doing it that way provides as nice of a result. It’s fine for quick and dirty. But not what I was going for. I did it in the round.

Cape – pattern from the book Growing Up Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee. I’d borrowed this book a year or two ago from our local library. The library is actually an excellent source for sewing books, especially if funds are tight. A lot of them come with the patterns. Obviously you can’t cut up the ones in the book, so make sure you have tracing paper and a sharp pencil on hand. I opted not to do the elastic and button closure on the cape, and instead used a clasp. I positioned it awkwardly. Guys. It was 130 in the morning. I just wanted to be done. It’s not a deal breaker. I also extended the skirt 2.5″ from the size large length.


WATER FAIRY for Danica.
We have a whole Neverland theme going on for Halloween. This is the original costume I planned to make for Danica. I did make her Red Riding Hood one when I was only half way done this one. That way Red would be done for school and I could finish this during the day if I needed too. I finished it the night before Halloween though.

Wings – 6×10 hoop – design by Bobbin For Appliques. Danica’s wings were the last pair that I made. I learnt a few things along the way. River’s are made of just felt, and I put the fold over elastic on so the shiny side isn’t showing. That was an accident. I found River’s were too floppy, so for Elle’s I put a piece of foam in between the felt layers, except for the star piece. I didn’t make the same mistake with her elastic as I did with River’s. Danica’s are the 6×10 hoop size, whereas River’s and Elle’s are both the 5×7 hoop size. I decided that since Danica’s wings were bigger that I’d try make her star out of felt for one layer and foam for the other. Yeah. Do you know how many layers that is? Too many. See this post. There’s quite a few hooping a to make the wings. The bottom ones are made together. Each top ring is made on its own. And then you assemble it all on the star step. I found that for both the 5×7 hoop sized wings and the 6×10 ones, that I could do the star step in my 4×4 hoop. Just an FYI. Danica is 5.5 years old, and I cut her strap elastic to 14 inches.

Mask – 6×10 hoop – design by Gracefully Geeky. Is actually a Tinkerbell mask, but I swapped up the hair and hair tie colors. Now it’s water fairy themed. Perfect.

Hair elastic – 9″ piece of fold over elastic. Tie in a knot. Seal the ends. Best hair elastics ever.

Dress – modified Briar Rose pattern by Made For Mermaids. Pretty much the same adjustments as her Red Riding Hood dress. Except I didn’t include the overlay on the bodice. This dress also has two underskirt layers, that hang just slightly past the top skirt length. I hemmed the sheer layers on my serger with a rolled hem. I also put a little pleat at the bottom of the front of the bodice. Just for fun. I waned it to be a little “v” but I think it is more of a square than I was aiming for.


Wings – design by Bobbin For Appliques. River’s are the 5×7 hoop size. I cut her elastic to 13 inches. This was the first pair I made, and are a bit floppier than the other ones because they are just felt. I am a beginner at in the hoop (ITH) projects. The instructions for the wings are a generic wings instruction pdf. It is included with a few of the wing designs. Even though it is generic, it’s really easy to follow and thorough.

Mask – 5×7 hoop – design by Gracefully Geeky. Again, I’m a beginner to ITH projects. And while the masks are not hard to make, the instructions are fairly minimal. Almost point form, really. Obviously I was able to make the masks, but it did take me a bit longer to process the point form instructions than I’m sure it would for someone with more experience.

Hair elastic – 9″ piece of fold over elastic. Knot and burn those ends. No frayed elastics over here.

Dress – modified Briar Rose pattern by Made For Mermaids. River nearly four. Her birthday is the end part of January. She’s a size 1 in this pattern. She’s a tiny thing for her age, but the proper height. I added a bit of length to the skirt measurement. Just an inch or two. It hits her right at the knee. I omitted the overlay on the bodice. I opted to omit the little “v” in the bodice and skirt too. I added six layers of tulle on top of her skirt, and cut them so they’d be about 2 inches shorter than the underskirt. She wasn’t happy that she wasn’t getting a fairy dress like Elle’s, but I think it looks pretty cute on her. I did not hem the tulle. After hemming Elle’s dress, I needed a hemming break.


Wings – design by Bobbin For Appliques. I cut her elastic to 12 inches. Her wings have a layer of foam sandwiched in between the layers of felt.

Mask – 5×7 hoop – design by Gracefully Geeky. It’s just the Tinkerbell mask with a different hair and hair tie color.

Hair elastic – 9″ piece of fold over elastic. Tie a knot, and burn those ends. Burn, baby, burn.

Dress – Simplicity 0544 (now 2559) View E. That’s right. Gasp. Shock. And awe! It’s a paper pattern. Take a step back and breath. It will be ok. I know paper patterns, much like knit fabric, intimidate people. I learnt to sew with paper patterns. They don’t intimidate me. I can even fold the patterns back up perfectly. It’s my super power. If you click on the link and look at the pattern envelope, you’ll see Elle’s costume looks different from he view it was modelled after. I chose not to make her the pants. I also changed the skirt slightly. All I did was spin one of the layers. So instead of the front of the over skirt being on top of the front of the underskirt, I switched one of them. So the front of the over skirt is on top of the back of the underskirt. Make sense? I just liked it better. The dress has an underskirt, topped with four layers of organza, and then the top skirt. Organza is a jerk to hem. I did a roller hem on my serger, used water soluble stabilizer underneath, and went painfully slow. I switched up the hook and eye closure for a snap. I confess to only doing this because I just bought a pair of snap pliers and a whole whack of snaps. I really wanted to play with it. I want to put snaps on everything! Snap all the things!! So, why is she a light/animal fairy? She has the coloring of both a light and animal fairy, and the style of an animal fairy. She was originally going to be a light fairy, but Danny said that she should be an animal fairy, since she’s always dragging PupPup around with her. But, I’d already made her mask with a yellow hair tie. And it would have bugged me to make her an orange animal fairy costume with a yellow tie. Because I’m a crazy person. Hence the fairy mash up. She’s a light animal fairy. She only cares for lightweight animals. Like bugs.


PETER PAN for Jackson.
Mask – 5×7 hoop – design by Gracefully Geeky. Really, I think the Peter Pan mask could work for a lot of other characters too. Like Robin Hood. Don’t you think?

Hoodsie – pattern by Stitch Upon A Time. I was testing this while doing my Halloween sewing. I might be crazy. But I thought it would be adorable in green for his Peter Pan get-up. I had brown snaps picked out, but realized right before I put them on that the design on the brown snaps was flowers. I didn’t see Danny approving of that. So, yellow was my next choice. I meant to make him pants to match. Well, they were going to be brown and match the brown snaps. But, I just ran out of time. PS – use code “Laura” to save 25% on the Hoodsie pattern. Yay for discounts.

Phew! And that’s our handmade Halloween.

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