Machines I’m Manning

Elna Excellence 740 (sewing machine)
My Bobo (Grandmother) gave me this machine in 2012. It feels like it was a whole other lifetime ago. She’d gotten a new machine and gave me this one with the agreement that I’d give the last one she gave me away. Which I did.

Babylock Ellisimo Gold (sewing and embroidery machine)
Not long after my dear Bobo passed in 2013, my Grandpa brought me this machine. She’d barely had a chance to break it in. I remember staring at her stitch count, and the few free standing lace and embroidery designs she’d had a chance to stitch out. I wanted nothing more than for this machine to be back at her house, with her happily sitting in front of it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. It took me half a year, but I finally took a class on how to use the machine. I’ve made peace with inheriting her machine, and find myself feeling closer to her whenever I use it.

Babylock Evolve (serger with cover stitch)
My sweet Godmother bought me this machine shortly after my first daughter was born. I love owning a serger. I don’t think I could ever go back to the days of not having one on my life. Although, I’ll admit to not exploring all of its features, even though I’ve had it for four years. I’ve yet to try out the cover stitches. I’ll get there.

My current youngest sneaks on to my table when I’m not looking, to play with my Ellisimo.


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