Sew Long Summer Blog Tour

Technically, here in the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumn Equinox is on September 23. SEPTEMBER 23, MOTHER NATURE! So why is it that I can see my breathe when I’m outside? All my windows are now closed. I’ve added my fluffy duvet to my bed. And oh yes, the weather man is calling for SNOW four days this week. I’m not lying.

SEPTEMBER 23, MOTHER NATURE! AUTUMN EQUINOX NOT WINTER! Ugh! I suppose the name of this blog tour truly is fitting. Welcome to the second day of the Sew Long Summer Blog Tour hosted by MAHLICADESIGNS and sponsored by Simply by Ti Fabrics and DG Patterns. Let’s have some fun! And maybe a smidgen more complaining about the frosty weather.

Let’s talk some tour details first, shall we? Excellent. A nice group of sewing bloggers are going to share with you how we say “Sew Long Summer” and we’ll be asking you to join in with a Social Sew too.

Sew Long Summer is all about getting those transitional wardrobe pieces ready; finishing up all those things we meant to make this summer; and well, basically whatever Sew Long Summer means to you.

Share what you’ve been making to say “Sew Long Summer” to be entered into our random prize drawings.

Continental US participants will be entered to win a $20 store credit from Simply by Ti Fabrics.

All other participants will be entered to win a pattern of choice from DG Patterns.

To enter, please tag your sewing project with #SewLongSewcial18 on Instagram or facebook. You can also leave a link in the comments on the mahlicadesigns intro post. Please limit your entries to items you’ve sewn between Sept 10th and Sept 28th 2018. Winners will be notified and announced shortly thereafter.

We can’t wait to see what you’re making.

PHEW! Got all that? Good! Sew, let’s move this blog tour along to the good stuff. See what I did there?

Is he not the cutest thing you’ve seen all day long?! This is my nephew, Lincoln, making his debut on the Manning The Machine blog! Or…. Maybe it’s Harry Potter the early years! You’ll never know!

See. Harry Potter. He’s even got his owl, Hedwig! Tell me he’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your whole entire life, I dare you.

He was sooo over having his photo taken.

Alright, you get it. He’s freaking cute. Let’s talk sewing for a smidgen. Did I mention yet that it’s freaking cold out? It is. Gotta keep the cute nephew, (I mean, Harry Potter), warm.

For the Sew Long Summer Blog Tour I reached way deep into my pattern archives, and pulled out one by Kelly J Designs Patterns.

I first made the Sweet Pea Sleep Sack, Jacket, and Vest Pattern four years ago for my Jackman when he was a wee babe. Lincoln is a smidgen older than Jack was then, and since the weather is turning, I felt it was time to revive the pattern.

It’s also a ridiculously quick and easy pattern to make! I struggled through my tremor while sewing and it still only took me 75 minutes from flicking my sewing machine on, to turning my sewing room lights off. BOOYA! Who doesn’t love a quick sew!

The pattern is currently $3.40 CAD in the Etsy shop. You can make this adorable sleep sack with a zipper or snaps! You can also make a jacket and vest with the pattern. I love multi purpose patterns!

I should add a little Harry Potter decal to this sleep sack. Then it would be PERFECTION! What do you think of mini Mr Potter?

The full tour includes these talented sewists, so I hope you’ll follow along this week.

Sept. 10th Sewing A La Carte, Tenille’s Thread, A Custom Clothier, Made for Little Gents, Miss Marah Sewn

Sept. 11th Manning the Machine (that’s me), mahlicadesigns, Sewing Vortex, Crafting Fiend

Sept. 12th Auschick Sews, Aurora Design Fabrics, My Heart Will Sew On, Vicky Myers Creations

Sept. 13th Flaxfield Sewing, Sewing with D, Musings of a Seamstress, Make it Sew with the Bear and Pea Atelier, Petite Font

Sept. 14th Sewing à la Carte, Sewing by Ti, Stitches by Laura, Sewing with Sarah, My Sewing Roots


About manningthemachine

I'm Laura. Mama to four, and wife to one awesome guy. I'm ever so slightly sarcastic. Just a little bit. I like to quote movies, but since our house is managed by little people, most of those quotes come from kiddie shows. At least my husband generally gets the references. It makes me feel less awkward. I took sewing lessons starting at the age of 8, through the Kids Can Sew program. I took lessons for four or five years. Then I became a snotty teen and decided sewing was lame. I've repented of my ways, and enjoy sewing for my little ones. And sometimes other people. And almost never for myself. Oh hey. My blog name. "Manning The Machine." I think it's probably only funny if you know me in real life. And even then, maybe it is only funny to me. My last name is Manning. This is a blog about my sewing. Manning The (Sewing) Machine. Do you get it? Do you? No. That's fine. I think it's funny even if you don't.
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10 Responses to Sew Long Summer Blog Tour

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  2. Crystal Rice says:

    That would s the cutest baby Harry I’ve ever seen! Cute make!


  3. Cuuutiee. I wish I had had about four more of these when my little guy was this little. I do think adding a decal would really make even more perfect as you say.


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  8. This is such cute and comfy make.


  9. He and your make are adorable! I love the idea of an HP decal added to it but its very cute as it is.


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