Benylin and Sewing: A Cautionary Tale

This post originally appeared Crafting Con for the My Little Pony theme on July 10,2015

Hi, I’m Laura from Manning The Machine. Back again. Sick of me yet? You might remember me from Disney (Non-Princess), Doctor Who, and Harry Potter. Now I can add My Little Pony (MLP) to my CraftingCon score card. While this guest post is suppose to be about my MLP inspired crafting, and it will be, it might as well be renamed “Benylin and Sewing: A Cautionary Tale.”

PicMonkey Collage2

I signed up for MLP month with plenty of time to hash out my plans for this month’s make. I actually didn’t even need to think about what I wanted to create. Cutie Mark Crusaders (CMC) capes! I have three girls, “we are three little ponies…” It just made sense to me to make the girls some CMC capes. Maybe make some cute accessories – like a red Apple Bloom worthy hair bow. Unfortunately, I ended up with time for only one cape. Because… Life! When I finally had a chance to sew my capes, I had the worst cold, and was in a Benylin induced haze.

PicMonkey Collage1

Let’s just say I don’t really do well with any sort of “fix ya up” medication. Baby Tylenol makes me feel stoned. It’s for babies, guys, come on! When they gave me the little blue pills before my wisdom teeth removal, I was hallucinating about blue and yellow bears on roller coasters. I lost a week in my time line thanks to the post-op Tylenol. Do you understand what I’m saying? My deadline had suddenly arrived, and I was hopped up on Benylin.

PicMonkey Collage4

Firstly, I have never cut myself on my rotary cutter before. I’m sure we’ve all heard the tales of people slicing finger tips off with them. I often shake my head as to how this happens. Now I know. These people are rotary cutting in a cloud of Benylin. That must be it! Thankfully it wasn’t my fingertip, just a huge slice down my thumb nail. But still… Ouch!


Next, pinning the cape together. Oooh, why is this edge not matching up? That’s ok, I’ll just pin it how it does line up and trim the excess off. What? No! I should have stopped here, and double checked everything. Benylin Laura also decided to serge all the way around the cape. Yeah. I can’t do little curves on my serger at the best of times. Unless you are some sort of wizard who can serge those little curves flawlessly, just follow the instructions.


Don’t even look at my topstitching. It’s the worst. I did however have enough mental smarts to not bother stitching around the appliqué. I should go back and do it once I’m better. If I had done it in the moment it would have been a hot mess. Also, I burnt myself on the iron while putting the appliqué on. That was my breaking point.

PicMonkey Collage3

For the cape I used EYMM’s My Little Super Hero Set. Do not judge the pattern based on my hot mess of a cape. I’ll make this pattern again when I’m no longer sick, post it on my blog, and you’ll see the difference. My hot mess of a cape is entirely because of the Benylin fog and not the pattern. The designer, Kymm, is awesome and knows what she’s doing. She’s also the Boob Queen. Seriously, if you ever have a bust fitting related question, I am sure Kymm would know the answer.


For the appliqué, I found a CMC emblem on google, and blew it up until it was roughly the same size as the appliqué pieces from the EYMM pattern. I traced it right from my computer screen. Very carefully. Very lightly. No pixels were harmed in the tracing process. I split the emblem in to three parts – pony, background, outline – and put each on some lite Heat N Bond. Have you noticed that my emblem is actually a mirror image of what it should be? I forgot to reverse my image while tracing it out on the Heat N Bond.


Lesson learned: Benylin and sewing don’t mix! My cape is a hot mess! But Elle loves it anyway.



About manningthemachine

I'm Laura. Mama to four, and wife to one awesome guy. I'm ever so slightly sarcastic. Just a little bit. I like to quote movies, but since our house is managed by little people, most of those quotes come from kiddie shows. At least my husband generally gets the references. It makes me feel less awkward. I took sewing lessons starting at the age of 8, through the Kids Can Sew program. I took lessons for four or five years. Then I became a snotty teen and decided sewing was lame. I've repented of my ways, and enjoy sewing for my little ones. And sometimes other people. And almost never for myself. Oh hey. My blog name. "Manning The Machine." I think it's probably only funny if you know me in real life. And even then, maybe it is only funny to me. My last name is Manning. This is a blog about my sewing. Manning The (Sewing) Machine. Do you get it? Do you? No. That's fine. I think it's funny even if you don't.
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