Sofilantjes Summer Surprise

Welcome! Bienvenue! On the 23rd Sofilantjes turned one year old! Bonne fête, Sofilantjes! Wow, look at all those exclamation marks – it’s my favourite punctuation. Where was I? Oh yes, it’s Day 3 of the Summer Surprise Annniversary Tour for Sofilantjes.

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The Summer Surprise was the first Sofilantjes pattern, so what better way to celebrate than give it a bit of love?! Oh, and there’s also a new giveaway every single day, thanks to some wicked awesome sponsors. I guess it does get better. So, why not throw a little more awesome your way? Anne, the designer behind Sofilantjes, has revamped the pattern and made it all shiny and new. Big pay attention spot coming up…. NOW! If you have previously purchase the Summer Surprise through Sofilantjes site, the updated version should be in your account. Easy peasy. If you purchased through Etsy, if you previously tested it, or if you won it, please email Anne with the subject line Summer Surprise to to get your updated copy. Did I mention there is a discount code?! I didn’t. Shame on me. Use the code ANNIVERSARY on Sofilantjes website to receive 25% off the Summer Surprise pattern.

I had a ton of ideas for what I wanted to do with the Summer Surprise pattern. Unfortunately, life has just been getting in the way lately, and I was only able to execute one of them. Sorry River and Elle, yours are next. Danica and I are both loving circle skirts on her right now. Danica loves how they twirl. I love how easy they are to sew up. I’ll leave the tutorial writing to the designers, but I can give you a rough idea of how I hacked the pattern a bit.

The pattern comes with top, tunic, and dress lengths. I shortened the top length, I want to say 8 inches, but that could be wrong. My notes just look like scribbles. For the circle skirt there is a bit of math involved. Scroll past if math makes your eyes glaze over. I measured my bodice pieces (excluding seam allowances) to find out the circumference I needed for my circle skirt waist. I took this number and divided it by 2π, (or 6.28). This gave me my radius. The I grabbed a piece of paper, a ruler, and a pencil to make a little pattern for my circle skirt. Nothing in this paragraph is very exciting is it? No. It’s not. I like math and even I’m all like, “pi r squared, cake r round…mmm…cake!

Oh look, giveaway! Today you can have the chance to win your choice of pattern from each of the eight following designers: Stitchwerx Designs (you should get the Tiddly Wink Toppers it is Elle approved), Gracious Threads (there’s a huge baby shower going on over there with lots of great giveaways!), Striped Swallow Designs, FABulous Home Sewn, MCM Studio Designs, A Sparkly Baby, GYCT, and Sofilantjes. Make sure you enter Thursday’s and Friday’s giveaways too. And Tuesday’s should be good for you to enter as well, depending on what time you’re reading this post. Each giveaway is open for 48 hours.

11350461_10152770806070764_1495897584975973658_nGiveaways are way more exciting that math. But since we are speaking of math…. Circles! Once I had my skirt cut out, there was a little circle left over. Instead of having it go to waste, I used it as my back bow! That’s why mine might look a little “off” in comparison to some of the others you’ll be seeing on the tour.

editDSC_0025One more little change I made to my Summer Surprise was to line the bodice, and omit the binding around the neckline. I lined the silver dotted stretch velvet, (I assume that’s what it is – it was inherited so I am not 100%), with purple fabric. Danica is all about purple dresses right now, and I thought she’d like that fun splash of color inside. I had originally planned not to bind the armscye either. But my brain was mushy, and I opted to use black fold over elastic (foe) on them. I used the same foe on the bow too, yo!

editDSC_0125Congratulations Anne for hitting this milestone. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for Sofilantjes. Thank you Anne and Deb for having me as part of the tour!10270773_10152770806055764_3918757254610573879_nNow go and check out the other blog stops on the tour. There are some seriously awesome Summer Surprise hacks being done.



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4 Responses to Sofilantjes Summer Surprise

  1. This is a beautiful dress. Good job on the math too!


  2. I don’t math, but I love the circle bow!


  3. MoonStar says:

    Such a lovely shiny dress!!!


  4. Tootie DeHof says:

    Happy Anniversary Sofilantjes!! I’m loving all these hacks! They are beautiful!!


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