Women’s Bundle Up Blog Tour – EYMM and LLK

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Are you ready to BUNDLE UP? The current Bundle Up is live and it is all for women!


I had the opportunity to test the Women’s Everyday Essentials by Everything Your Mama Made (EYMM). I would say “that’s me, in the middle of the cover photo.” But, let’s be honest. What I should really be saying is “those are my boobs, smack in the middle of the cover photo.” Ha! I decided to give mine a break from the spotlight – I don’t want them to get an ego or anything – and whip up the pattern for my sister for this blog tour. This made me slightly nervous for two reasons. 1 – I only ever sew for my kiddos and myself. The kiddos are always so easy to please and never notice any sewing boo boos. 2 – Boobs. Sewing for women can be tricky. Fortunately, Kymy is the Boob Queen. I mean that in the best possible way. She understands that fitting for this area can be tricky, and she makes it as painless as possible. If you ever have a boob fitting question, I bet Kymy would have the answer.

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The Everyday Essentials pattern is like a bundle on its own. The pattern includes: half slip in two lengths, sleeping bra, cami, two different length gowns. Lots of options! There are also options when it comes to fitting. The pattern, which is sized XS (over bust 32”) to 5X (over bust 59.75”), offers different cup sizes – small, average, and full. For the front bodice, you have the option to gather under the bust, or omit the gathers and cross the front over more, which provides a bit more modesty. I made myself the sleep bra, or as Jackson might call it, “the easy access to the house white” bra. Everything stays in place during the night, but it’s easy enough he can almost self serve and I can keep sleeping. TMI? Oh well. Now you know. I also made the cami option, which can be seen front and center of the pattern’s cover photo. And finally I made the above the knee length in a sexy black and gold stretch lace. For all of mine, I opted to do the bust gathers. For Sarah, I figured she might want a bit more coverage so that she’d be comfortable wearing it out. I omitted the bust gathers and crossed the front over a bit more. While the Everyday Essentials are meant as more of an undergarment, given the right fabric, the cami makes a cute stand alone top. She loves it. I did take it back from her after photos. I decided that the top should be hemmed, instead of leaving it raw, as it’s just too lightweight. Easy fix.

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My sister is a pear shape. When I told her that I was going to make her The Petal Perfect Skirt by Little Lizard King (LLK), she made a face at me – it wasn’t pretty. She explained that because of her shape she has a hard time finding skirts that fit properly. And then she complained about her hips, and I tuned her out. Ha! Love you, Sarah! She got in to my head a little bit and made me nervous about making her a skirt. Little Lizard King is also a new one for me. It can be a bit nerve wracking to try a new to me designer. Hips and new designer = stress levels rising. Sister freaking about her hips = stress level rising even more.


I had nothing to worry about! Crisis averted. Obviously the designer understood that we are all shaped differently, and took this in to account. The sizing for LLK Petal Perfect skirt ranges from 0 (waist 26 1/8” hips 34”) to 20 (waist 40.5”, hips 50”). HOWEVER, you can select one size for your waistband and another for you skirt options. Oh gosh. I love a pattern that is customizable in a no brainer way. My sister’s waist is 27” which puts her in a size 2 for her waistband, according to the chart. She has 39” hips, or maybe 38” hips. You know when you write a number down, and the scribble another number on top? Well. I don’t know if I had originally written 39” down, and written over with 38,” or the other way around. I decided to err on the side of safe and go with 39” which put her in a size 8/M for her skirt, according to the chart. Looking at it, I’ll size her down to a 6/S for next time. She agrees. Better safe than sorry. Sarah asked for a taller waistband for the skirt. Fortunately, the designer included a suggested measurement for the taller waistband – no maths involved!


Late the day of our photo shoot, she sent me a text. “Picked my outfit for tomorrow. Make me a million more skirts. I love it!” She was rocking her Petal Perfect skirt. Fear of a new designer – overcome! Fear of “big” hips in skirts – overcome! Fear of sewing for others – a little less fear than before. Two patterns that make fitting easy – win! Two pieces of clothing sewn up in less than three hours (that’s fast for this dawdler) – awesome!


Check out some of the other bloggers on the tour. If you are a plus sized gal, and would like to see how the Everyday Essentials look on a fellow plus size gal, head on over to The Wholesome Mama. I love the version Courtney made. She is also rocking the Real Deal Jeans by Winter Wear Designs. Darcie, of Mimi’s Mom, blogged about The Petal Perfect skirt as well. She used mint green stretch vegan leather for her skirt. FUN!


The Women’s Everyday Essentials by EYMM and The Petal Perfect Skirt by LLK are available from May 1 – 8, as part of the BUNDLE UP SALE.


OH! I also tested the Jillian by Greenstyle. I made Sarah throw on my testers super quick. These are early phase testers for my much fluffier frame. I mostly just wanted to show off her awesome arms. She’s getting married in September and has been putting a lot of work in to them. “Welcome to the gun show.”

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2 Responses to Women’s Bundle Up Blog Tour – EYMM and LLK

  1. darcie says:

    I adore this outfit on her! Looks amazing. Now I need to make a few of those camis as real life tops, and another skirt to go with them.


  2. You hit a home run on this one! Great pairing of these two patterns and way to go overcoming your fears. Nailed it!


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