Bundle Up! Jam Jam Sleepwear by Love Notions

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Pattern Revolution’s Bundle Up! Sale is happening once again, and this time it is all for girls! A little disclosure, right up front. I was given the following pattern for free as part of the blog tour. That’s a pretty standard exchange. However, all opinions, and adorable children, within this blog post are mine! Now let’s get in to it.

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I really like Love Notions. I’ve made a few Love Notions patterns for myself, and while I have a handful of the children’s patterns in my collection, this is my first time sewing a Love Notions children’s pattern. The Jam Jam Sleepwear Collection doesn’t disappoint. Just look how adorable it is!

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The Jam Jam Sleepwear Collection is for girls sized 2T-14. It has two options for bottoms – capris or shorts. Both have the sweetest curved ruffle hem, and you can add a faux drawstring to the waist if you’d like. I did find the capris to be a bit long for my personal liking. I also didn’t have any of my girls at home when I made them (yay for sleepovers with the cousins), so I didn’t alter the length at all. BUT, included within the pattern is a chart that contains inseam measurements (not including ruffle) for the shorts and capris. Had my girls been home, I would have been able to measure their inseams, and shortened as needed. Thank you, Tami, for adding these measurements, they’re so handy to have. It kind of all worked out though. I had originally made this little set with River, who just turned 4 last week, in mind. My 2 year old, Elle, has the same body measurements as River – although River is a touch taller. The capris work as perfect little pants for Elle. I just noticed her boots are on the wrong feet…. Oh well, she put them on herself. Yay for independence.

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My absolute favorite part of this pattern is the top, which features cute cap sleeves, fun shirt tail hem, and the best part – the yoke! All the dresses my late Bobo (Grandma) made for herself had yokes, with the body of the dress gathered to the yoke. And what does this top have? An adorable yoke with the front and back pieces gathered to it. Ah! It makes me think of my dear Bobo – the person who inspired me to sew. I just love it! Oh! OH! The other awesome part about the yoke – PERFECT stash buster. It takes hardly any fabric. I have tons of little pieces of knit laying about. The piece I used for this little set was basically big enough for the yoke and the little faux drawstring, which I had to shorten a bit to use this fabric.

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One more awesome feature about the pattern as a whole, which bears mentioning – the layer function. Who is the genius that thought of the layer function? You sir, or madam, deserve a round of applause! I love any way to save ink! Tami has also included a handy little print chart, which you can quickly refer to, and print only the pages you need. THANK YOU! I love the layer. I love the print chart. I love saving ink. I love having as few pages to print as possible. There’s a lot of love going on in this paragraph. Let’s get on to something not so lovey-dovey. Kindergartener harassment! I’m not joking.

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The cute ruffled bottoms. The adorable little top. They all combine to make a perfectly sweet loungewear set. UNFORTUNATELY – I only made one set and I have three girls, as previously mentioned. FORTUNATELY – two of those girls are the same size, so they can share. UNFORTUNATELY -I wasn’t smart enough to make one for my kindergartener first, and she is the most vocal one out of all of them when it comes to being missed. It is kindergartener harassment central up in here. “Mom, I don’t even have any jammies. Not any. None. I have nothing to sleep in.” Time to go through my knit scrap bin and find the perfect little piece for that adorable little yoke for that stubborn, not like here Mom at all, lovely kindergartener!

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OH! If you still aren’t convinced, check out the blog post the Shaffer Sisters did as part of the tour. They figured out all of the math for the bundle. Go see how it all adds up. Also, click on the images below. One will take you to the tour schedule, so you can check out the rest of the blogs. One will take you to a GIVEAWAY! And one will take you directly to the sale site. Bam! Links everywhere, yo! I might have drank a cherry Dr Pepper while writing this…. Sorry for the overly hyper tone! And the excessive use of the exclamation mark. It’s my favorite punctuation, followed closely by the comma. Now, go Bundle UP! Hurry. The sale ends February 2nd.






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  1. You did a great job Laura! Thanks for sharing!


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