Doctor Who CraftingCon – Break Down

CraftingCon‘s theme this month is Doctor Who – and I’m a competitor! Huzzah! I was remiss in mentioning what patterns and designs I used in that post. So, here’s a break down. Prepare yourself for link overload! Everything linked should take you somewhere different – facebook pages, designer website, craftsy, you name it, I tried to link it. Please note that most patterns were altered – normally adding or subtracting length to various parts of the pattern. Keep that in mind! Most of the pictures are in progress shots, you can even see where I hadn’t yet removed some stabilizer, head on over to CraftingCon to check out the final version.

OTIUMCyberman and Bow(tie)s Are Cool shirts
For these two shirts I used Sofilantjes (<–facebook page link) Otium Girls pattern. I used the plain version of the pattern for the cyberman shirt, and the bow back version for the 11th Doctor “bowties are cool” shirt. You can find the pattern on Sofilantjes website. Sofilantjes (<–facebook group link)also offers a women’s version of this pattern.
Cyberman design
For the cyberman applique on the shirt, I actually used Gracefully Geeky‘s Cyberman Mask. I skipped a few steps of the stitch out to make it work, but I think it turned out rather nicely. Gracefully Geeky (<–facebook page link) also offers a variety of other Doctor Who themed masksDalek, 10th Doctor, 11th Doctor, K-9, you can also buy them all as a bundle. Gracefully Geeky (<–facebook group link)has plenty more Doctor Who themed goodies – there’s also finger puppets. That’s right, finger puppets. These designs are all to be used with an embroidery machine.
Bow hair clip
The bow clip that I made to go with the “bowties are cool” shirt is another one for the machine embroidery crowd. I used one of Bobbin For Appliques (<–facebook page link) felt bow designs to make it. It’s a pretty straightforward quick little make. Bobbin For Appliques (<–facebook group link) has a ton of cool embroidery machine designs – see: WINGS!

SLEEPYKIWISAre You My Mummy and Gallifreyn I Love You shirts
Both of these shirts that I made for Jackson were done using the top from LittleKiwisCloset‘s (<–facebook page link) Sleepy Kiwis Nightwear pattern.  I think this pattern might have been the only one I didn’t alter in anyway. Maybe… Oh! I was one of LittleKiwisCloset‘s (<–facebook group link) testers for this pattern, so I actually used the tester pattern pieces since they were handy in my sewing room still.
Are You My Mummy design
This is another machine embroidery design. This time from Applique Geek (<–facebook page link). Are You My Mummy is not the only Doctor Who inspired design offered by Applique Geek (<–facebook group link). There is also the….
Gallifreyan I Love You design
I Love You in Gallifreyan design. This design comes with two different versions. An applique version and a bean stitch version, which is what I used on Jack’s shirt.

RIVALRAGLANHello, Sweetie shirt
For this shirt I used GYCT‘s (<–facebook page link) Rival Raglan pattern. This was my first time sewing up this pattern by GYCT (<–facebook group link). It’s part of my New Year’s Resolution to use pattern already in my collection.  One pattern down, a million more to go!
Hello, Sweetie design
This is another of design by Applique Geek. I did alter the Hello, Sweetie design slightly, by opting to not stitch out the high heel. I don’t know if you can really tell, but I used red metallic thread for this design.

SEENA Allons-y!, Bad Wolf, and Adipose shirts
These shirts were all done using Gracious Threads (<–facebook page link) Seena Dolman Top. Also a first time make with this pattern. That’s 2 patterns down, a million -1 to go! This is also the first time I’ve made one of Gracious Threads (<–facebook group link) patterns, which is really too bad since she is a local to me designer. There is also a women’s version of this pattern available.
Allons-y! design
This design brings my Applique Geek design count up to four! I should have used a different colored thread for the words on the shirt. Next time.
Bad Wolf design
Matte fabric paint and a sponge brush. I was trying to go for a spray painted look. I don’t really think I succeed, but I don’t think I would have gotten a better effect with machine embroidery either.
Adipose design
The adipose design on Elle’s shirt is another of Gracefully Geeky‘s. It’s actually the adipose feltie design. I also made Elle a stuffed adipose, who she lovingly calls Baby Adi. The stuffy is also done with an embroidery machine, and is another of Gracefully Geeky’s. It comes in a few different sizes, Elle’s is the smallest. You can find more adipose in Gracefully Geeky‘s Doctor Who finger puppet set and busy bag set.

They aren’t the center of focus for my CraftingCon entry, but I did make each of my girls leggings to go with their shirts. The pattern I used is by Jennuine Designs (<–facebook page link), and is currently in testing. There are two different styles being offered in this pattern – basic and dressage (think equestrian riding pants). The ones pictured above aren’t the ones I made for my entry, but they show off the two different styles better. You’ll have to stalk Jennuine Designs (<–facebook group link) for the pattern release.

PHEW! Lots of links for you!!!

And here’s just a few more since I linked everyone else up on Facebook.
CraftingCon group
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