Too Many Layers

Yeah. So. Last night’s sewing room exploits were basically just one aggravation after another.

“Bobbin thread nearly empty.”

“Check upper thread.”

“Oh look. You broke a needle. In three. Good luck finding all the pieces.”

“You blinked while the design was stitching out. Now it’s screwed up. Haha! Whatever you do, don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead.”

Ok. My machine didn’t say those last few. But it might as well have. That last one is a Dr Who reference for all you Whovians out there.


And if you’d like to see a video of my woes, at the end of the night, when I’d just had enough and needed to be done….. Enjoy. The title of this blog post will make more sense if you watch it.

And now I have a floor covered in stabilizer to deal with. Dumping my stabilizer bin was another one of last night’s mishaps.


About manningthemachine

I'm Laura. Mama to four, and wife to one awesome guy. I'm ever so slightly sarcastic. Just a little bit. I like to quote movies, but since our house is managed by little people, most of those quotes come from kiddie shows. At least my husband generally gets the references. It makes me feel less awkward. I took sewing lessons starting at the age of 8, through the Kids Can Sew program. I took lessons for four or five years. Then I became a snotty teen and decided sewing was lame. I've repented of my ways, and enjoy sewing for my little ones. And sometimes other people. And almost never for myself. Oh hey. My blog name. "Manning The Machine." I think it's probably only funny if you know me in real life. And even then, maybe it is only funny to me. My last name is Manning. This is a blog about my sewing. Manning The (Sewing) Machine. Do you get it? Do you? No. That's fine. I think it's funny even if you don't.
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