PupPup Inspired Dress

Elle has a stuffed fox, she named PupPup, that she adores. She loves him. They eat breakfast together. They watch tv together. They ride in the car together. She tried to take him in the bath once. That resulted in a trip to the washing machine and dryer. She was less than impressed with that. They nap together. They play outside together. They are basically together all the time.

One night, we were at the Fabricland near our house, looking for lace for Sarah’s wedding. I found these fox fabrics. They were marked at 60% off, because our closest location is closing. I had to have them for Elle.


I also had no idea what I was going to make for Elle with them. I’ve been in a knit fabric kick for a while, and couldn’t figure out a woven friends pattern to use. I was uninspired.

Then Lily Giggle announced a sew along for their Jujube Dress. Knit fabric for the upper portion, woven for the skirt. Perfect!

I didn’t want to do the big ruffle that goes up the bodice, around the neckline, and back down the bodice. I felt somehow Elle would be lost in it, wrapping around her like this. I made up my own little ruffle variation for her.


The ruffles are cute to 3″ wide, 2″ wide, and 1″ wide. I can’t remember the length I used. If I remember correctly I cut 3″ by the width of the fabric, and cut that in half. One of the pieces I left as 3″ by half the width. The other one I split into the 2″ and 1″ width.

To create the ruffles I set my stitch length to 5, the highest setting for my machine. I also set my tension to 9, the highest for my machine. Then I stitched down the length of the ruffle, right in the middle.



I think it turned out pretty cute. She likes it a lot. She keeps pointing out the PupPups to me when she wears it.

Now I just need to figure out something to do with the blue background fabric.

You can find the Jujube Dress pattern in Lily Giggle’s shop. Click here.

LilyGiggle page on Facebook. Click here.
LilyGiggle group on Facebook. Click here.
LilyGiggle’s shop. Click here.
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I'm Laura. Mama to four, and wife to one awesome guy. I'm ever so slightly sarcastic. Just a little bit. I like to quote movies, but since our house is managed by little people, most of those quotes come from kiddie shows. At least my husband generally gets the references. It makes me feel less awkward. I took sewing lessons starting at the age of 8, through the Kids Can Sew program. I took lessons for four or five years. Then I became a snotty teen and decided sewing was lame. I've repented of my ways, and enjoy sewing for my little ones. And sometimes other people. And almost never for myself. Oh hey. My blog name. "Manning The Machine." I think it's probably only funny if you know me in real life. And even then, maybe it is only funny to me. My last name is Manning. This is a blog about my sewing. Manning The (Sewing) Machine. Do you get it? Do you? No. That's fine. I think it's funny even if you don't.
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