CraftingCon- Let’s Harry Potter All The Kids Clothes, Yo!

This post originally appeared on Friends Stitched Together on June 3, 2014.

Hello CraftingCon Readers! I’m super excited to be here (you know, “here” in a virtual sense). I’m Laura, and you can find me blogging over at Manning The Machine.

I’m so excited about this months theme for CraftingCon – Harry Potter. Apparently, I can’t be considered a true die hard fan because I haven’t read all of the books. I’ve read the first two, and the end, followed by the beginning of seven, and bits and pieces of the other ones. I love the movies, even though my husband likes to point out what is incorrect in them. Which I actually appreciate and is why I started reading the first book to begin with. I still love the movies, inaccuracies and all. Also, I 100% confess to jumping on the internet after the first Deathly Hallows movie to find out what was going on with Snape. I promised my husband I wouldn’t read the book to find out; I never said anything about Wikipedia. He found me in bed crying and just shook his head at me. True Pott-Head or not, I’m a fan!

Back in February, I started making my oldest girls, Danica and River, little Harry Potter inspired hoodies. You’ll see pictures of them in this post, but if you’re curious about how I made them, you can read about them here (embroidery), here (pattern used), and here (modelled). Elle, my youngest, was feeling a little left out. She always tries to steal Danica’s.

CraftingCon gave me the perfect excuse to add a little Gryffindor love to Elle’s wardrobe. I stumbled upon the fabric at a local store, and just knew my girly would love it. You should have seen her when I bought the fabric. She wouldn’t hand it back to me and cried when I took it down to my laundry room. I’m not even kidding, my husband can testify to this. The pattern is a bit of a hack and mash of two Ottobre patterns. Ottobre has a free tank top pattern on their website. I used that as my base. When Elle steals Danica’s hoodie, it looks like a little dress on her. I love it. I decided to combine the free tank top pattern with design 24 from the Spring 1/2014 issue of Ottobre. Thankfully, I kept the patterns I traced out when I made the hoodies, and used the pieces for Danica’s size in my little mash-up (mostly because I liked the length of it on Elle).

***IMPORTANT*** Ottobre patterns do NOT include seam allowances unless stated. Keep that in mind when using them! See my little note on the shoulder seam? For the tank top pattern, the binding pieces do include seam allowance, but you’ll have to add them to the shoulder and side seams. I like a 3/8″ seam, but since you are adding your own seam allowances, you can use whatever your favorite is.

I am sure there is a better way to mash the two patterns together, but bear with me. I took my tank pattern and traced the armhole curve, and just the beginning of the side seam on a pieces of paper. I then matched the tank top shoulder up with the hoodie shoulder, and traced the same area on to the hoodie piece.

I then placed the hoodie pattern piece on top of the piece of paper and lined up the marks that I had traced. I traced the side and bottom of the pattern on to the paper. Then I taped it to the tank top pattern and cut it out. I did this for both the front and back pieces of the tank top. Like I said, there is probably a better way to go about it, but this is how my brain worked.
Photo 2014-05-23, 10 21 47 AM

Done! All my pattern pieces ready to go. I followed the tank top instructions for the construction, except I kind of tugged and pulled on the bottom hem to try and get it to wave. I just wanted to add to the flowy look. For those that have the Ottobre Spring 1/2014 issue, there is a top that has the same flowy lines as the hoodie. It doesn’t go down to Elle’s size, and I figured this was an easier than trying to trace out the top pattern pieces and then grading it down to her size. I love Ottobre patterns, but all those lines on the pattern pull outs can make me go cross-eyed.
Photo 2014-05-23, 10 39 05 AM

What do you think? Gryffindor-able? Hahaha. I want to say it one more time. Gryffindor-able!! Say it out loud. It’s kind of fun to say.
Photo 2014-05-28, 10 21 50 AM Photo 2014-05-28, 10 27 22 AM

Elle love it. She squealed and made her happy face when I showed it to her in the morning. She also screamed when I took it off of her for bedtime. I’d say she’s a fan of her Gryffindor inspired tank top.

Photo 2014-05-28, 10 23 39 AM Photo 2014-05-28, 10 23 41 AM

She was so proud of herself for blowing the fluff off on her own.

Photo 2014-05-28, 10 25 56 AM Photo 2014-05-28, 10 22 12 AM

Look at all the Gryffindo-able children! My group shots never work out, so why even bother, just capture them candidly. Notice that River has a wand (or two). Use your imagination – it’s a wand. She is always picking up sticks when we go for walks.

Thanks so much Amy and Maegen for having me, and letting me be part of CraftingCon’s Harry Potter month. And to you readers, you’re super awesome. There is so much Harry Potter goodness coming this month. I’ve been stalking all the sneak peeks on instagram. I’m so excited to see what everyone has to share with you this month.



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