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Hello everybody! The first pattern test I ever participated in was Fille à Maman’s Rose’s Skirt. If you want, you can check out my posts on the Rose’s skirt here, here, here, here, and here. I guess I did something right, because I was also fortunate enough to test the Mimi, which you can read about here. And now, it’s my turn on Filles à Maman’s Mimi Blog Tour! Thank you so much Mel, of Filles à Maman, for the opportunities! And thank you to all of you for stopping by today! Make sure you read until the end because there is a discount code AND a giveaway!

If you clicked on a ready any of the links above, you’ll know that I adore Filles à Maman patterns. They just print out so perfectly, and Mel’s made them in such a way that eliminates trimming before taping together. The trimming is my least favorite part. That right there, makes the patterns a win in my books!

Since I was familiar with the pattern already, I decided to do something a little bit different with it this time around. My children probably have a thousand shirts each, and a hundred dresses, and they really don’t need anymore. But, do you know what they are seriously lacking right now? Weather appropriate pjs! Yes, I am ashamed to admit that my children still have their fleece sleepers in their closets, and yes, they have been sleeping in them. My poor, sweaty babies. My girls need warm weather pjs. My girls need NIGHTGOWNS! Enter the Mimi!
Photo 2014-06-11, 2 52 38 PM Elle wasn’t grasping the whole “pretend to sleep” thing that I was going for.

NIGHTGOWNS! So much cooler than fleece footie pajamas for warm nights.

Photo 2014-06-11, 2 54 10 PM
I made a few changes to the pattern to accomplish the look I was going for. I think the most obvious visual change I made was swapping out the loop and button for ribbons. The ribbon ties just seemed like a softer, girly touch for nightgowns. Soft and girly was the look I was going for. Keeping the soft and girly focus, I also chose not to interface my facing pieces. I feel like add interfacing gives it a bit more of a structured feel. I also chose not to cuff the short sleeves and instead just used a 3/8″ hem on them. Again, I was going for soft and girly, and obviously “bedtimey!” The cuff just didn’t seem “bedtimey” to me.

Photo 2014-06-11, 2 55 30 PM Photo 2014-06-11, 2 56 39 PM
Oh, and did you notice? One of Danica’s sleeves got sewn on backwards. I pointed it out to Danny, and made a comment that I was going to rip it out. Danica heard and told me that it was fine and to not rip her nightgown. I tried to explain what I meant to her, but she’s five. She is convinced that I am plotting against her nightgown and won’t let me near it. For now, the sleeve will remain inside out. It isn’t that big of a deal, really, it isn’t.

Photo 2014-06-11, 2 55 13 PM Photo 2014-06-11, 2 59 59 PM
I choose to put the girls in the next size up from what they would normally wear. Nightgowns are allowed to have a bit more wiggle room, don’t you think?For their measurements, the girls (going oldest to youngest) would be in a 4, 24m/2, and a 12 month. For the nightgowns I made a 5, 3, and 24m/2. Looking at them, I think Elle has the most wiggle room out of the three.

Photo 2014-06-11, 2 56 01 PM Photo 2014-06-11, 2 57 59 PM (1)
The pictures outside turned out so much better than my failed attempts to capture them “sleeping.” Danica and River both wore their new nightgowns to bed tonight. Unfortunately, Elle played a little bit harder than them and got a bit filthy, so she went to bed in footie pjs. Looks like I’ll have to whip up a handful more for each of the girls.

Now, time for all the important links.

Head on over to Facebook and give Filles à Maman a like. Catch the rest of the blog tour by following Fille à Maman’s Blog, here. You can find the pattern here on Etsy. Make sure you use the code MIMITOUR20 to receive 20% off! And finally, click here to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway! The winner will receive their choice of FIVE patterns from Fille à Maman.

Thanks again for stopping by! Good luck on the giveaway. If you don’t win, buy Mimi anyway, you won’t regret it.

fillesamamanmodern epattern

Photo 2014-06-12, 1 18 11 AM
Danica and River like to try their chosen fabric out before making final decisions.


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  1. Karly Nelson says:

    That last picture is cracking me up! Such a great idea!


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    Hey, thanks for the post.Really thank you! Really Cool. ddgkdcccgead


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