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UPDATE: WHOOPS! Just remembered now to pick a winner for my giveaway. According to comment #8 is the winner. That’s you Katy Lewis! Destri should be in touch shortly with your patterns. I just sent her your email address. random

You have no idea how long I have been waiting to share this pattern test I had the opportunity to be a part of. But really, it was a lot more than a simple pattern test. Destri, who posts at The Mother Huddle, has been planning this pattern collection for a long time. And her dreams have finally come to life. If you have a moment, read this post by Destri, where she decided it was time to take the plunge and get started on her pattern collection. The post is also where I found the pattern tester call. I’m happy to have been a small part of this journey with Destri. I love the pattern collection, and I think Destri is AMAZING. So kind, sweet, helpful, and open to constructive criticism – which is good for the pattern testing process. Again, it was amazing working with Destri. I hope to be able to help with future patterns, and continue to be part of her journey.

Too mushy? Moving on!

Sewlosophy is live. After all of her hard work, and the hard work of those testing the patterns, Destri did it. Sewlosophy launched, and with it the launch of her first pattern collection – The Serendipity Collection. The collection includes patterns for a beret, swing coat, blouse, and trousers/capris. (Click all those links to be taken to the patterns). A great addition is a video tutorial for every pattern. There’s also a little video right at the bottom of the site’s main page. Watch it to learn more about Sewlosophy and Destri. Or click here. Either one. It’s super cute. And look at all of her fabric and thread! Watch it!

Another tester, Sara, had the opporunity to test the blouse and trousers/capris, which she blogged about here. Her details are AMAZING!! Make sure you check her blog out, there’s a giveaway at the end. Stacey made the perfect picnic outfit using the capris, and blouse (which she made sleeveless). She blogged about it here. Margaret, tested the same as I did – the beret and swing coat – which she blogged about here. I’m not a huge fan of oranges, but I love the beret and swing coat she made. There’s a giveaway on her blog, so make sure you check it out. Beatriz sewed up and blogged about the entire collection. I love the fabrics she used. ADDED! Ana also blogged about testing for Destri. I love her fabric choice – the color is so soft. She’s having a giveaway on her blog too.

And now. My turn to share. I had the awesome opportunity to test the beret and swing coat patterns.

Photo 2014-03-24, 10 11 10 AM Yes, there was still snow on the ground when testing began. River was such a trooper though and let me grab photos of her out in the cold.

Photo 2014-04-04, 2 36 51 PM
I’m not really sure why, but River almost always has a stick in her hand when we are outside.

Photo 2014-04-04, 2 37 15 PM

Photo 2014-04-04, 2 37 20 PM

Photo 2014-04-04, 2 39 58 PM Little stinker will not let me roll her sleeves up. Even now. And she wears this swing coat ALL THE TIME. She calls it her “princess jacket.”

Photo 2014-04-04, 2 38 52 PM (1) This one is my favorite.

What do you think?

Want to win a copy of the entire Serendipity Collection? That’s the beret, swing coat, blouse, and trousers/capris! Leave a comment telling me what River calls her swing coat. Giveaway ends Saturday, June 7 at 9pm MST! I’ll use to pick a winner. Good luck to all, but if you don’t win, you can still go purchase the patterns!

Head on over to Facebook and give Sewlosophy Patterns a like. There’s a giveaway happening over there that ends on Monday. You can win the entire Serendipity Collection. Make sure to pop over to Sewlosophy‘s site and sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know about special promotions. Speaking of which. Use code SEW10 to receive 10% off until Monday, June 2. And since you’re already wrapped up in all things Sewlosophy, check out the blog too.

Photo 2014-03-21, 10 41 43 AM River picked the fabric out herself.
Photo 2014-03-23, 6 02 18 PM River picked out these butterfly buttons that I inherited from my Bobo.
Photo 2014-03-28, 9 25 13 AM River needed Blue Bunny to have his picture taken with her “princess jacket” too.

Edit to add:

I’m linking up. Here.


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15 Responses to Sewlosophy – Serendipity Collection

  1. Denise Ivers says:

    River calls it her “princess jacket”


  2. Sara Soares says:

    Laura, your sewing is impeccable… I am always so glad to find you in pattern testing groups. Your little princess is so cute!


  3. your girl is so cute! that is my favorite pic too! And I know she loves her princess coat just look at her happy face…


  4. princess jacket and she and it are TOOOOOO cute!!!


  5. Ula says:

    She’s adorable! and she calls it her princess jacket 🙂


  6. anhchile says:

    River calls it her “princess jacket.” So cute!!!


  7. Amy says:

    Her princess jacket is so cute


  8. Katy Lewis says:

    Princess jacket!!!!


  9. thecrazytailor says:

    What a darling jacket!


  10. Karen Hey says: started sewing for my great nieces and am always looking for something cute to make. Love it! She calls it her “Princess Jacket”!


  11. As you well know the princess jacket as he calls your daughter to me my love, is beautiful, divine fabric and your daughter will feel luxurious. I had a great Destri testing patterns and the results are spectacular, here’s the proof 🙂



  12. fenna says:

    her princess jacket 🙂


  13. Kathy says:

    I love this project! so cute.


  14. Stephanie says:

    Those buttons are too cute!


  15. Crist says:

    princess jacket!


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