Bebelambs – Labri Maxi (and a sneak peek)

My husband went to work out of town, unfortunately. But, that gives me a chance to catch up around here a little bit.

I’m part of Bebelamb’s core tester group, and as mentioned in this post, I had the chance to do a pretest on the Labri Maxi. When it went from pretesting to testing, I had the chance to test it out again.

Let’s be honest. I love the Labri Maxi and the Hope Floats Top patterns. I think I’ve figured out the simple reason why. It’s just so summer fun, and I need a little summer right now. How looooooong was winter this year? I barely remember a time without snow. I need a little summer. I need a lot of summer, actually, but I don’t want to sound greedy.

Here is my tester for the Labri Maxi. I made River a size 3T this time around. I believe for her Hope Floats, I originally made a 2T. She has a bit more wiggle room in the 3T.

Photo 2014-04-27, 12 13 30 PM Photo 2014-04-27, 12 51 05 PM (1) Photo 2014-04-27, 12 51 08 PM (2) Photo 2014-04-27, 12 51 21 PM Photo 2014-04-27, 12 51 36 PM

River LOVES it! And I particularly love the picture of her showing me her “glass slippers.” She’s so princess sometimes. It was actually a lot of fun taking her pictures because she was so excited about her dress. Difficult to take her pictures. But fun! I don’t really understand why, but she calls it her “Sofia dress.” I understand what she is referring to. Sofia The First, you Disney Moms know who I am talking about. I just don’t know why this particular dress makes her think of Sofia The First. Any guesses?

Oh, you like the embroidery design. Thanks. It’s free! Head on over to Sealed With A Stitch and download it – Enchanted Shoe La La. Gotta love a free embroidery design.

Make sure you head on over to Facebook and give Bebelambs a like. There is a blog tour going on now for the Hope Floats Top. Click on that link, and you can find out all about the blog tour line up, and enter to win the Hope Floats pattern. I got to kick the blog tour off this morning. You can read my post here.

Whoops! I clicked publish, and forgot I promised a sneak peek. I had a chance to pretest the next pattern coming out from Bebelambs. The Cassandra. Want a peek? Sure you do!

Photo 2014-05-02, 2 02 36 PM Photo 2014-05-02, 2 02 11 PM Photo 2014-05-02, 2 51 53 PM

River was annoyed at me for adding tulle to the bottom. Not because she doesn’t like it. She’s actually happily worn it since I made it. She wasn’t happy because right when I finished, she found sparkly tulle in my stash, and was upset at me for not using the sparkly tulle.

What do you think of the Cassandra? Yes, that’s shirring. Do not fear! Lynn walks you through it. It’s in testing right now, which reminds me, I need to finish mine up.

I’m linking up, here.

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4 Responses to Bebelambs – Labri Maxi (and a sneak peek)

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  2. I adore the first dress–my daughter would wear it everywhere! And her showing off her glass slippers is just adorable!


    • She’s all about glass slippers right now. If it is glittery – it’s a glass slipper. If it an actual slipper – it’s a glass slipper. If it is a dress up shoe – it’s a glass slipper.


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