Bebelambs – Hope Floats Top & Labri Maxi Dress

I feel like I should just start this post off with pictures. I think that’s what I’ll do.

Photo 2014-04-17, 9 36 27 AM Photo 2014-04-17, 9 39 30 AM (1) Photo 2014-04-17, 9 53 13 AM

Cute, right? Now for the back!

Photo 2014-04-17, 9 37 15 AM Photo 2014-04-17, 9 37 21 AM Photo 2014-04-17, 9 52 36 AM

Look at those straps all tied in a bow!! AHHHHH!! Why don’t I have a back shot of River?

As mentioned in this post, I’ve had a super busy sewing week. As part of my busy week, I had the opportunity to pattern test for Lynn of Bebelambs. I can’t say enough nice things about Lynn. She was amazing to pattern test for, so kind and nice, and so involved with her testing group. You can tell when working with her that she is putting her all into making her pattern just right. If you want, head on over to Facebook and give Bebelambs a like.

As you can see from the above photos, I have two different lengths going on here. Danica and River are modelling the Hope Floats Top, which is a beautiful tunic length, available in sizes NB-10. Elle is modelling the Labri Maxi Dress. Originally I was suppose to be testing just for Danica, a size 4 according to her measurements. Lynn posted asking if anybody had extra time and materials on hand. Materials? Please! I’m such a hoarder. Time? Not really, but sewing assembly line style is faster than doing one project from step 1-finish and then the other from step 1-finish. Yeah, sign me up.  So, that’s how I got to pre-test the Labri Maxi Dress in Elle’s size. Obviously, I couldn’t leave River out. I don’t want her suffering from “forgotten middle child syndrome.” I decided to make her a Hope Floats Top as well.

Danica chose fabric with the Provincial flowers of Canada on it. Check out those Alberta wild roses! River chose the horses. I think 50% because the background is green. She loves green. And 50% because of the horses. Since we seemed to have a “nature” theme going on, the girls and I chose the cardinals for Elle-Belle. All the fabric was inherited from Bobo.

Elle was having a bit of an eczema flare up, so she needed a onesie underneath her maxi dress. Her arms were just too awful that day. We are going to work on a cure this week. Just need to gather the supplies.


Photo 2014-04-17, 9 37 31 AM Photo 2014-04-17, 9 39 45 AM Photo 2014-04-17, 9 49 49 AM Photo 2014-04-17, 9 51 51 AM

Elle wasn’t really in a modelling mood. Mostly because I didn’t let her have Pup-Pup in the pictures. Poor baby. Life is rough.

I just love the patterns I had the opportunity to test and pre-test. If you want to see amazingly awesome photos, you have to see the ones to promote the Hope Floats Top pattern. Here on Craftsy, and here on Etsy. The pattern is on sale for $5 right now. BUT be one of the first three to sew it up and leave a review and you will get it for free (I assume that means your charges will be refunded). Go now! Seriously, I think the snow might actually be gone for good, and it is the perfect warm weather top.

BUT, don’t sew after midnight. Something bad always happens when you sew after midnight. Like delayed reactions to the iron burning your arm.

Photo 2014-04-19, 4 13 52 AM

Laura vs The Machine. OUCH!



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3 Responses to Bebelambs – Hope Floats Top & Labri Maxi Dress

  1. bebelambs says:

    Great job!!! I love those and your girls are precious!


  2. Eska says:

    I love the cardinal and horse fabrics. My daughter would eat those up!


  3. Meriel A says:

    Squee! Maybe I do need this pattern 😉 Love the bows in back, so much better than the typical front knot dress.


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