EYMM – Piko Top

You know those super flowy, loose fitting, oversized tops that everyone is grooving on right now? Did you know they have a name? Yeah, me neither. They’re called piko tops. And if you type “piko” into Google you will also find out it is the name of a male Japanese pop singer. You learn something new every day. And yes, I totally did link Piko the Pop Singer’s page on Wikipedia. Why wouldn’t I? Come on!

Ok, back to Piko the top. I had the opportunity to test the new Women’s Piko Top pattern from Everything Your Mama Made (EYMM). Fast and dirty details – sizes XS-5X (yes Kymy thought of all of us), 3 hem options (hi-low, sidetail, regular) and 3 sleeve options (short sleeve band, 3/4 sleeve band, and long sleeve). It’s a super quick sew! I mean super quick, especially with those sleeve bands that eliminate hemming the sleeves. Seriously, anything to get out of hemming. And Kymy is a super genius, and has you iron your hems down before you start sewing to get those creases in there. How smart is that? Then everything is prepped when you are ready to hem the neckline and bottom hem down. Oooooor, you could just opt not to hem, since the top is made out of knit fabric which doesn’t unravel. Yes, Kymy included instructions on that too. Because she’s awesome. Oh, oh, oh! Kymy also shares how to make the top a tunic length. Just the way she explained it, my thought was “well, duh, why did I never think of that?!”

I tested out the XL in a hi-low and in a regular hemline, with four inches added to the length to account for my baby bump. I decided that my baby bump doesn’t really like the hi-low hemline. I also used a pink fabric that was not flattering being so close to my face, and forgot to add inches to account for my ever growing baby bump. I should try it again. I really liked the regular hemline one that I made. Even Danny said it was nice!! His comment to the hi-low was “WOAH! You look super pregnant in that.” Uh, thanks baby! I have a sidetail shirt that I bought last summer, that I am in love with, but is getting kind of short over my belly. Perhaps for Selfish Sewing Week, (which starts April 28, read about it here, and here), I’ll whip myself up a sidetail and try the hi-low again. And maybe some leggings out of the softest bamboo fabric ever that I bought last year. Mmmm…… Where was I?

I’m going to spare your eyes from seeing my tester shots. Trust me, your eyes thank you. They were taken at midnight, and Danny isn’t the best helper. But look at this one! Photo source.
Pretty, right?

Oh! Did you read my last post: Coupon Code!! – Love Me Knot Shorts. I shared Melissa’s blog and mentioned how awesome her Piko top was, and that I hoped she’d share photos. Go look at the photo source link above. She’s there. Blond, glasses, fierce blue top. Isn’t it lovely? Told you it was!

AND if you have a little girl, or big girl (size range is newborn to 18 tween), there’s a Piko Top pattern for her too. AND, a bundle option which saves you 15%. But seriously, even if you are going to bundle, go look at the girls’ pattern. CUTEST little models ever. Those girls are rocking their Piko tops! Photo source.

I posted three times today. Curious why? My husband is holding my Ellisimo Gold hostage in the back seat of his truck. And when I say “holding hostage” what I really mean is that he is taking it in tomorrow to have the automatic threader looked at. I could set up my Elna, I suppose…..


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