Love Me Knot Shorts – GYCT

Read my post here to find links to Love Me Knot Shorts made by some of the other testers. They’re awesome!

Chelsea has listed the pattern. Grab it here or here. Tomorrow Newsletter subscribers will get a coupon code. Now, back to the post.

I had the opportunity to test the Love Me Knot Shorts for Chelsea of Get Your Crap Together (GYCT).

I made a size 5 for Danica in both the version 1 and 2 tester patterns that were released to testers. In the photos, the pink bias tape is version 1. The white pockets and white bias tape is version 2.

Danica picked this fabric out at a fundraiser sale we went to last year. Not the Fabulous Fabric Frenzy put on by The G.A.N.G but another one. It was only a few dollars a yard, so I bought her a couple yards. When I was rummaging through my stash for the perfect fabric for the shorts, I stumbled upon this fabric and decided it would be a nice surprise for Danica. Normally I let the girls take the creative lead on the clothes I sew for them, but she was already asleep when I got started. I also didn’t think she’d mind.

The shorts are adorable. Elastic gathered pockets. Slightly gathered leg. Cute little bias trimmed keyholes on the side. One tester in our group trimmed her’s with lace. She even trimmed the pockets. Oh gosh. Adorable.

They’re also a quick and easy sew. Which is always nice. Sometimes you just need a quick and easy project. Even assembling the pattern was easy. Everything went together perfectly. I hate PDF patterns with lots of trimming and finagling to get the pieces to line up. Not an issue here.

The snow is FINALLY starting to melt. Thank goodness, and I was even able to get Danica outside in her shorts.

Look at this bit of genius right here! I put the pockets on after construction, once I had the fit right for Danica. I accidentally pinned the back to the front a few times. Enter pressing ham. I’m pretty sure that’s a sleeve roll, but I call them all pressing hams. Just stabbed my pins into the pressing ham while I got my pocket positions. No accidental back piece pinning. Genius, right? Well. Maybe not genius. But, smart.

Maybe the shorts will summon Spring. GYCT Newsletter recipients will receiver a discount code when the pattern is released. Sign up for the newsletter here. The pattern ranges from size 6 months to 12.






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I’m linking up, here.

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11 Responses to Love Me Knot Shorts – GYCT

  1. Cute! I love the little peek a boo on the bottom and the pockets!


  2. Ajaire says:

    Cute! The fabric you chose is adorable. I am jealous of your ham. Every time I go to press a curve I think why don’t I just get a ham, but then I never remember when I’m at the store πŸ˜‰


  3. Meriel A says:

    Love the fabric! My daughter would be all over it!


  4. Melissa says:

    Strawberry Shortcake! Way to take me back! I love that fabric and your little girl is such a cutie!


  5. Shawnta says:

    Strawberry Shortcake!! I haven’t seen her in ages!! Ok now I feel old but your shorts are absolutely adorable!


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