Garden Party Dress – Ellie Inspired

Laura of Ellie Inspired had another dress up to test last week. I wasn’t on the original list of testers, but since I was still in the group I asked if I could give it a shot too. Since Laura is so awesome she let me try it out.

Holy cuteness.

The Garden Party Dress is fully loaded. The size range is 1-12. It was originally going to go up to size 16, but some issues were brought up with the size 14 and 16 being tested. You know, developing bodies and all that. The pattern now stops at size 12. But, good news, there are plans to make a ladies pattern now, starting at size 0. Which means there will be a testing call in the future. Keep an eye out for it. Like Ellie Inspired on Facebook and join the Ellie Inspired Patterns Group to watch out for the tester call. Laura is awesome to test patterns for. (Click these links for tips on being a good tester. Here and here. And if you are thinking of designing patterns, click here on being a great designer looking for testers).

Ok. Back to the dress. There is a collar with optional ruffle. Necktie that can also be used as a waist sash, or in Danica’s case, a hair tie. There will be a loop at the neck for toddler neckties. Safety first, after all. Beautiful knife pleated skirt. Contrasting band on the skirt, although I did omit mine (more on that in a second). There will also be a sleeveless option. Rumour has it there will be a tutorial in the future on how to make this an upcycle. I know at least one tester in the group took an adult button up and uncycled it for this dress.

Laura released the pattern last night for pre-orders. It should be sent out today. The blog tour is still going strong on her blog, today the Spring Lily is being reviewed by Raedene Averitt of Chasing Mermaids. There’s a coupon code and a giveaway in the blog post. So make sure you check that out! Who doesn’t love coupon codes and giveaways? Click here.

Now. On to my dress. Pictures first.

This pictures hardly does the mother of pearl-esque buttons justice. They’re a vision of perfection in real life. Seriously gorgeous. They came to me from my Bobo. 20140402-100709.jpg
This is the skirt I accidentally sprayed with adhesive instead of starch. (Here). I did notice right away and drenched and dabbed to get the adhesive out. I don’t see and harm done. After it had air dried, I spray starched it and left the bottom of the skirt pinned over night. If the skirt fabric is one that doesn’t hold a pleat well, topstitching them is recommended. I just wanted to be a bit lazy. Those pleats are still going strong today. Thank you spray starch! 20140402-101208.jpg
I opted not to put the contrasting band on my skirt. It’s patterned. I didn’t want the headache of trying the match the pattern up. One of the other testers in the group suggested I just topstitch the band on, and make the skirt the full length to account for that. Excellent advice. And if I had paid attention to how much purple fabric I actually had, I would have done it. Next time I head to the fabric store I’ll take the dress and buy some matching purple. It would look adorable to add the band on. Still adorable without though.

Danica loves her dress. I’d left it hanging in the living room on Sunday night. Monday morning Danica was jumping on my bed, hollering about how much she liked her dress already. That’s a win! But seriously. I think the jumping and hollering could have been postponed until after 7am. But, that’s just my opinion.

It was my first time doing a collar, and although it isn’t perfect, I’m happy with it. Maybe I’ll try out more collars in the future.

Enough talking. More pictures.

UPDATE: I’m linking up.


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2 Responses to Garden Party Dress – Ellie Inspired

  1. Susan Page says:

    It’s beautiful & Danica looks adorable in it. Her little hands in the last pic–the only sign she’s freezing during the photo shoot!


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