A reveal – FINALLY

Ok. I’ve learned something about myself in the last week or so. I have a really really really hard time not sharing pictures of my kiddos, especially in something I made for them. Today is the day. I can finally share.

My favourite picture first.

Oh gosh. It makes me laugh so hard.

Last Sunday, Laura of Ellie Inspired, posted on Facebook that she was looking for a few missing sizes for a pattern test. “Size 36months? I have a 36 month old!” I jumped at the chance to do another pattern test. I had so much fun doing the Rose’s Skirt for Mel of Filles à Maman, that I really wanted a chance to do another.

I got that chance. Hurray! A big thank you to Laura for letting me be part of this.

The pattern was for the smaller, baby sizes of her current Nonie’s Girl pattern, which comes in sizes 4-12 AND in Slim, Average, and Plus sizing. Click on any of the highlighted words to be taken to the patterns. It’s cuteness overload.

Photo source. Lined bodice, lined pleated skirt, bloomers, and bolero. The whole package.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I probably jumped a little too fast at the chance, and totally looked at Danica’s chest measurement instead of River’s. Whoops! That is my fault. Also, River is tiny. If I hadn’t made that mistake, I would have still volunteered to pattern test, but I would have asked to add length and made the dress for Danica instead. So, the dress IS big on River, BUT that is all on me. Not on the pattern or pattern designer. Another thing I learnt this week: Always double check measurements!

I received the pattern on the morning of Tuesday, March 18 and had my dress completed that night after the girls went to bed. River was a trooper and went out on Wednesday morning, so I could snap some pictures, even though it was only zero degrees out. She’s a trooper. She loves her Ellie Inspired Nonie’s Baby dress, even though it may not fit her perfectly.

I think an important part of sewing with children is letting them be part of the process. River chose the fabric. Yup. Green with gold Christmas trees. Green is her favourite colour. But come on. Christmas fabric?! Oh. And that white trim, which also lines the bodice, that’s white snowflakes on white. Snowflakes. OH, and it snowed the day after the photos. River might control the weather.


I don’t think I’ve ever made a fully lined dress before. It was neat to see how it all comes together. The pleats gave me a bit of an issue to start, but that’s normal for me with box pleats. Once I got in a rhythm it was quick. I love the length of the dress (that measurement was right for River). No bums hanging out in this dress!

Nonie’s Baby releases tomorrow. I’ll add the link once it is available. Laura also released the Spring Lily dress this week. It is amazing! Cap sleeves, a low (but not extreme low) back, pleated skirt, and that bow at the back, oh that bow!! Check it out. There are a few more tests in process, which means more releases coming soon, and they are CUTE!

And now…. Some pictures of River in her Nonie’s Baby dress, and some of Danica too. One more note: River has worn this dress nearly every.single.day! She LOVES it! And a reminder: fit issues, all my fault.

EDIT TO ADD: Nonie’s Baby PDF sewing pattern is up in Ellie Inpsired’s Etsy shop. Use code SPRINGTOUR for 15% off.







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I'm Laura. Mama to four, and wife to one awesome guy. I'm ever so slightly sarcastic. Just a little bit. I like to quote movies, but since our house is managed by little people, most of those quotes come from kiddie shows. At least my husband generally gets the references. It makes me feel less awkward. I took sewing lessons starting at the age of 8, through the Kids Can Sew program. I took lessons for four or five years. Then I became a snotty teen and decided sewing was lame. I've repented of my ways, and enjoy sewing for my little ones. And sometimes other people. And almost never for myself. Oh hey. My blog name. "Manning The Machine." I think it's probably only funny if you know me in real life. And even then, maybe it is only funny to me. My last name is Manning. This is a blog about my sewing. Manning The (Sewing) Machine. Do you get it? Do you? No. That's fine. I think it's funny even if you don't.
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4 Responses to A reveal – FINALLY

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  2. Susan Page says:

    Beautifully sewn clothes for beautiful kidlets! They must be hardy to model for you outdoors on a zero degree day. I agree with letting the people who are going to wear the garments choose the fabrics. Conformity is highly overrated anyway! Could you please ask River to give us a few months of warm weather soon? I look forward to seeing what’s next off your sewing table!


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