Harry Potter Embroidery

I’m making my oldest two girls (ages 4.5 and 3 years) new hoodies. I’m using design 24 from the latest Ottobre: Spring 1/2014.

I’ve had this fabric laying around for a while now. It screams Gryffindor (Harry Potter) to me. Maybe not to die hard Harry Potter fans, (I confess to only having read the first book, so that makes me a movie fan), but it does to me.

This fabric needed to be used. It needed to be a hoodie. And it needed to have some embroidery on the back.

I decided on “Mischief Managed” for the back. I think it captures the girls. If they were bigger and there was more space, (and if I felt like putting in more effort), I would have added the “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” to the front.

The search for the perfect font began. I really liked this Harry Potter font found on Etsy from TulipEmbroidery.



I backed the fabric with some Jonny Seww’s Multi-Purpose Iron-On Stabilizing Paper. I’d bought it locally from Linda MacPhee when she was at the Creative Stitches & Crafting Alive show in September. Wow! It is amazing!! It was my first time using it and I’m already in love. I placed some Pello Sol-U-Film Lite wash away embroidery stabilizer on the front of the fabric. I hooped it all up, used one of my positioning stickers to make sure everything was lined up correctly, and after doing a test run of the letter “M” on a scrap, I went for it. I used my 8×8 hoop for the lettering. Rehooped in the 4×4 and did the stars separately. I could have used my bigger hoop and done it all at once, but the backs of the sweaters just weren’t big enough to get a nice hooping, which was more important to me. I didn’t mine the extra work with the rehooping, if it meant a good hooping each time. And seriously, those positioning stickers make it all so easy to line up designs where I wanted them. First time using those too. In love! This project is just oozing love.





I think it turned out rather nicely. Don’t you?




I used Madeira thread for the embroidery and plain white bobbinfil for the bobbin. My oldest wanted black and my 2nd wanted blue for the letters. I thought a variegated (or mélange) thread would add to the “mischief” as opposed to a solid true colour. For my oldest, the font is done in Madeira rayon thread col#2219 – Arabian Mélange. For my 2nd’s I used the same thread, except col#2202 – Scandinavian Mélange. For the stars I used Madeira metallic thread col#300, which I believe is called Opal. My colour card doesn’t say the name, just the colour number. Oh. A quick note on metallic threads. When I took the class to learn how to use my Ellisimo Gold, the teacher mentioned that metallic threads should always be threaded standing up, not off to the side like most thread is. I used my thread stand (as pictured) for the metallic thread only. I could have used it for the others, but…lazy.


I had a slight accident when I hooped my oldest’s and didn’t realize until it was too late. Fabric from the bottom, right around the fold line for the hem, got caught up in the letter “d” during the embroidery process. I don’t have enough extra fabric to make another back, (well, I do, but it’s reserved), and I just couldn’t stand the thought of the wasted time and thread from what I’d done already. I cut out the small hole from the bottom of the fabric, and after asking my sister her thoughts, can up with a quick solution. A little HP in a heart applique. I hooped it in my 4×4 hoop. I stabilized it the same way as the rest of the sweater, with the addition of the extra fabric above the sweater fabric, but below the wash away. The HP was embroidered first, then a thin line of stitching for the heart. After this line of stitching, I took my hoop out of my machine, but didn’t unhoop the fabric. I used my appliqué scissors and cut the wash way and the appliqué fabric close to that line of stitching, but not too close. I like the frayed look of appliqués, so I left a little bit to accomplish that look. Then I reattached my hoop and finished with the rest or the heart. I think it turned out nicely for a cover up job. I checked the hem when it was done, I might have to make the hem a little smaller than required, but it will work. I’ll make it work!



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4 Responses to Harry Potter Embroidery

  1. Amy says:

    I love this! That fabric is definitely Gryffindor – and I’m what you would call a die-hard: movies and books at least once a year 🙂


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  4. Good information. Lucky me I discovered your site by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have bbook marked it for later!


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